The first medically-inspired professional cosmeceutical range with Mésolift Marin

A pioneer in Marine Intelligence, the THALGO Laboratory has been exploring the Oceans for over 50 years to innovate and revolutionise the world of Professional Cosmetics.

Building on this innovative scientific research, and in close collaboration with skin engineering specialists, including 3 renowned dermatologists and one university professor, the THALGO Laboratory is venturing into a new area of expertise.

Mésolift Marin

Accelerates cutaneous regeneration for youthful‑looking, firm and glowing skin

A true bio-regenerative infusion

Directly inspired by anti-ageing mesotherapy, Mésolift Marin boosts cell metabolism and preserves the youthfulness of the skin.

Mésolift Marin is derived from an exclusive composition:

34 Poly-revitalising nutrients

  • 2 B-vitamins, 14 minerals and 18 amino acids
  • Cell Regenerating

1 Rejuvenating Hyaluronic Acid

  • High penetration
  • Plumping, lifting and hydrating

1 Anti-ageing cell nucleoside

  • Stimulates skin cell renewal

A patented composition

A unique vectorisation

Vectorised in the heart of Biospheres, Mésolift Marin is released into skin cells like an “injection”.

With its intelligent concentric structure, this Biosphere propels the bio-regenerativeformula to the heart of its target area.

By controlling its bio-distribution, it ensures sustained release for up to 48 hours for optimum infusion at the deeper layers of the epidermis and an unparalleled bioavailability.

*Biosphere: Biocompatible vectorisation system.

High performance anti‑ageing results

Rénovation Radicale

A new vision of perfection

A new vision of perfection

The first corrective solution that targets the causes of blemishes and irregularities to restore youthful-looking, smooth and radiant skin.

Because poor skin quality is a unisex and universal skin disorder in its own right, the THALGO Research Centre has developed a cutting-edge medi-cosmetic programme with Mésolift Marin.

Loss of radiance, uneven skin tone, rough microrelief, thick skin texture, enlarged pores, localised blemishes, residual scars, etc…

All these negative factors can alter the quality and texture of the skin.


Reconstructs healthy and youthful-looking skin

Reconstructs healthy and youthful-looking skin

The Thalgo Laboratory has identified the main source of progressive deterioration of skin texture:

excessive activity of cells that maintain the skin’s integrity.

To moderate this disorder, Néo-Skin targets this disruptive activity to gradually restore the skin’s original quality.

Rénovation Radicale Cosmetic Treatment

A 3-step treatment to produce visible results

A 3-step treatment to produce visible results

The Rénovation Radicale "consultation" begins with a skin diagnosis designed to accurately analyse the nature of the skin and its needs in order to provide the appropriate corrective cosmetic "treatment".

For a tailor-made perfecting treatment, there are 3 steps to rebuild ideal skin quality:

  1. Renovating Peel, a key step in the renovation and regeneration of the skin.
  2. Bio-Regenerative Infusion, a poly-revitalising infusion of active oxygen and Mésolift Marin to boost cell metabolism.
  3. Corrective Intervention, two skincare masks delivering the concentration strength of a serum to normalise and resurface the skin.

The results

Rénovation Radicale

A cosmetic “Post-treatment” prescription for use at home

Pro-Regulator Make-Up Remover

Pro-Regulator Make-Up Remover

This high-performance gel-in-oil, with exclusive lipophilic technology, removes make-up, impurities and shine while restoring quality sebum.

Effectiveness demonstrated on more than 8 out of 10 women*:

  • Absorbs all oily residues from the skin as well as impurities: 90%
  • Healthier skin: 89%
  • Perfect make-up removal: 79%

* Self-assessment on 19 volunteers with combination to oily skin. Results after 28 days of using the product.

Pro-Renewal Cleanser

Pro-Renewal Cleanser

An exfoliating mousse, enriched with revitalising marine minerals, which cleanses, unclogs pores, refines skin tone and gradually reveals the skin‘s radiance.

Remarkable product performance*:

  • Perfectly cleansed skin: 100%
  • Enables a gentle exfoliation of the skin: 91%
  • Restores a more regular skin texture: 78%

* Self-assessment on 22 volunteers with combination to oily skin - Results after 28 days of using the product.

Intensive Peel

Intensive Peel

7 days to renewed skin. Dual renovation action for a spectacular skin result: persistent roughness is reduced, skin texture is finer and smoother and the complexion is noticeably clearer.

A more than conclusive result in 7 days*:

  • Significant improvement in microrelief, reduced surface roughness of up to +35,3%

* Clinical study on 18 volunteers. Biometrological measurements: Assessment of the condition of the skin’s micro-surface (roughness) using surface imaging and fringe projection. Assessment of the complexion’s radiance using colourimetry. Assessment of the effectiveness of cosmetic qualities with a questionnaire. Best results observed after 7 days of using the product - Average value: 10.3% // 1 Superficial Peel.

Detox Regenerator

Detox Regenerator

One drop to boost cutaneous bio-regeneration. Ultra-concentrated in Mésolift Marin, this infusion is supplemented with a strong detoxifying action to reactivate skin cell metabolism and preserve youthful-looking skin.

Unparalleled performance in just 7 days*:

  • More toned skin: 85%
  • Skin is re-energised and has regained its vitality: 80%

* Self-assessment by 20 volunteers with dull complexions and tired-looking features. Results after 7 days of using the product.

Normaliser Cream-Serum

Normaliser Cream-Serum

A cosmeceutical formula as concentrated as a serum, able to fundamentally rebalance the quality of the skin to cleanse, refine texture, tighten pores and correct blemishes.

Remarkable product performance*:

  • The skin feels smoother: 85%
  • Skin texture is more regular: 80%
  • Healthier skin: 80%

* Self-assessment by 20 volunteers aged 20-30 - Results after 28 days of twice-daily use.

Resurfacer Cream-Serum

Resurfacer Cream-Serum

As concentrated as a serum, this multi-perfecting cosmetic product targets persistent skin irregularities to recreate optimum skin texture and a more even and matte complexion.

Remarkable product performance*:

  • Skin tone is more homogeneous: 85%
  • Skin tone is more even: 75%
  • Tightened pores: 75%

* Self-assessment by 20 volunteers aged 30-55 - Results after 28 days of twice-daily use.

Sunscreen SPF50+

Sunscreen SPF50+

A non-comedogenic sunscreen with SPF50+, enriched with a patented natural marine filter, to provide optimum and invisible protection to the skin.

* Clinical study under dermatological control - Self-assessment by 22 volunteers with combination to oily skin - Results after 28 days of twice-daily use.

Essential Regenerating Mask

Essential Regenerating Mask

The first 100% natural bio-cellulose infused with Pure Mésolift Marin, for maximum skin regeneration.
Infused with PATENTED PURE MÉSOLIFT MARIN, it diffuses a poly-revitalising cocktail of 36 essential marine nutrients, working like an "infusion" for the skin :

Regenerating benefit scientifically proven on fibroblasts

  • Stimulation of fundamental cell metabolism: +9%(1)

Reactivation of the skin’s youthfulness function

  • Synthesised Collagen(1-1): +373%
  • Synthesised Elastin(1-2): +121%

(1) In vitro study. Effectiveness of Mésolift Marin (0.28%) on fibroblasts cultivated in the presence of a collagenic matrix in a normal nutritive environment. (1-1) Percentage of synthesised collagen, result 48 hours after infusion of Mésolift Marin. (1-2) Percentage of elastin synthesised 72 hours after infusion of Mésolift Marin.

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